Our Document Library

Below are some documents and articles that we commonly use with our clients.  Please click on them, and feel free to use as needed:

Financial Worksheet  This is the worksheet we often use to gather the important data on a client during an initial meeting, or to update during our annual reviews

Authorization to Obtain Information   This form is used to give us the authority to ask for details regarding your existing accounts.  With your permission, we will ask the "right questions" and report back to you on the real status of your insurance and / or investment portfolio.

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?  A tough question to answer.  We designed this worksheet to help in finding the right amount.

Life Insurance- What You Need to Know  This booklet was published by a great insurance industry organization and is a good source for basic information.

Term Versus Permanent  Good information on the two main types of life insurance.

New Parent Instruction Guide  Having children changes everything...  This is a reprint of an article that touches on the financial steps that should be made as a new parent.

Rule of 72  How long will it take to double your money?  The Rule of 72 gives a rough idea.

Buy / Sell Strategies for Business Succession  This booklet covers different types of buy / sell arrangements for business owners. 

Boring can be good  This Wall Street Journal "advertorial" reprint identifies the benefits that Whole Life insurance can bring to an investment portfolio.  We believe that Whole Life can serve as a very good, tax-deferred, conservative anchor to a portfolio, and this article tells why.